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About Us

About Us

We have a great talent pool of creative professionals specializing in the field of applications development and visual communication. Multifaceted Business Development and Client Relations Executives, Project Managers, Programmers, Media Specialists, Instructional Design Specialists, inspired Designers, highly skilled operators and others constitute the backbone of our various activity-focused service offerings.

Our clients have come to rely on our creativity, skillfully honed production systems and proactive solutions. Our systematic and thoughtful problem solving approach, innovative idea generating methodologies and a firm commitment to the job on hand has produced great results in terms of increased visibility and revenue for our clients.

Our services span all aspects of Internet design, online marketing and customized application development for clients based on their requirements and area of operation. We offer enterprise solutions for all business processes that can be customized as required. Our aim is to deliver customer satisfaction by providing value-added, innovative and technically superior solutions to clients and help them improve their business processes.

Sravan Technologies has been mainly focusing on Total Quality and Customer satisfaction. A list of over a hundred satisfied clients, both national and international, is testimonial to our endeavor.

Why Us

Small and Medium size businesses are supporting pillars of the economy. These businesses need tried and tested products, a partner who is able to satisfy their requirements and that, if possible, within a short period and with a perfect price/performance ratio. Expertise, such as comprehensive business knowledge and many years of experience when dealing with small and medium sized businesses as well as the service and support quality, the ROI, the continuing personal cooperation and the guaranteed future of the IT provider are of importance. As small and medium sized businesses are more gradually integrated into worldwide operating company networks, they require tailored software, a good knowledge of different industries, as well as a sophisticated, efficient operating partner network. We are able to understand small and medium sized businesses and their demands, knows how to deal with them and has many years of experience.
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